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Many small business owners wonder when to start tax planning. The answer is right now. Effective tax planning must be proactive so whether your business is new or established, when we become your CPA, we’ll begin planning for tax time immediately. We’ll work throughout the year to help you get all of the tax breaks available to your business so you save the most money possible. We look at everything from last year’s tax return to your business entity to identify how to reduce tax liabilities and increase profits. Our strategies are reliable, ethical, and effective for all types of small businesses. For individuals, we also recommend a variety of techniques to maximize after-tax income and put more cash in your wallet.

Tax laws are constantly changing and being revised. This can provide opportunities to take advantage of different deductions and save you more money. Using the latest tax legislation, we'll identify the best ways to legally lighten your tax burden, keep you in compliance, and avoid trouble with the IRS.

Our tax preparation team specializes in tax saving for all types of small businesses including S Corps, C Corps, and LLCs. Online tax software can put numbers in the right boxes but a real live accountant looks beyond compliance to find ways to save you money. We dig deep to make sure your business gets every appropriate tax break so you pay less taxes and realize higher profits. We'll also create a strategy that works year-round to keep liabilities in check so you can see the best numbers possible next year.

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